Geo-Congress 2022 to be held in Charlotte, March 20-23

The Geo-Institute of ASCE will hold its annual meeting, Geo-Congress, in Charlotte on March 20-23 at the Convention Center. There are typically 1,300-1,500 attendees and 120 exhibitors.

This year is a State of the Art/State of the Practice conference, which means there will be seven pairs of lectures from industry and academia on big geotech topics. There will also be the Seed, Peck, and Terzaghi award lectures, which are always a big deal, a great technical program, and a lot of other fun stuff as well.

The conference website is All AEG Carolinas chapter members are being offered a $100 registration discount. As of last week, they had a few exhibit booths left, and some sponsorships as well.