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Other resources:

  • The AEG Foundation Website. Scholarships are available for students doing research and going to field camp.
  • ASBOG Fundamentals of Geology exam study hints.
  • AEG Carolinas has an active geological education outreach program to help serve the needs of professionals, teachers, students, and the public.
  • We maintain a Professional Meeting Calendar to assist members in continuing education and professional development.
  • We organize and host professional short courses in technical subjects to assist members’ continuing education and professional development.
  • Through our professional members, we provide Mentors to university students to assist them in learning about our profession.
  • We provide hundreds of AGI Earth Science Teaching Kits to Elementary and Middle School Science Teachers in the Carolinas. Click HERE.
  • We provide fact sheets of geological and engineering subjects to the public for their information and edification.
  • Schools with student chapters of AEG Carolinas: