Availability of Technical Guidance for Risk-Based Environmental Remediation of Sites

Session Law 2105-286 expanded the availability of risk-based environmental cleanup to virtually all regulated sites (excluding those subject to remediation under the Coal Ash Management Act of 2014 and the requirements of animal waste management systems). Guidance on the administrative requirements for pursuing risk-based remediation under the amended statutes (G.S. 130A 310.68 through 310.77) was developed and released in July 2016.

The North Carolina Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) is now pleased to announce the release of the Technical Guidance for Risk-Based Environmental Remediation of Sites and a companion Risk Calculator. These resources provide a consistent approach to risk-based environmental cleanup that is grounded in current national science and policy.

Visit DEQ’s Risk-Based Remediation website for more information.

DEQ believes that a shift towards risk-based remediation presents an opportunity for state environmental cleanup programs to work collegially with remediating parties to develop cleanup strategies that appropriately protect human health and the environment. Remediating parties considering a risk-based cleanup alternative are encouraged to communicate with their remediation program early in the process to discuss site conditions and ensure that the requirements are well understood.