‘Geologists’ Day’ – September 20

The first-ever “Geologists’ Day” will be recognized on Thursday, September 20, 2018. Sponsored by the AEG Advocacy Committee, this is a call for all professional, aspiring, and retired geoscience professionals to reach out for our profession. This is a day to do something extra to raise awareness of the value of geoscience in public safety and policy-making.

Write a letter to your local newspaper about an issue that affects your area. Give a talk to a local group – Rotary Clubs, scout groups, and various speaker programs are always looking for speakers. Send a polite, thoughtful, clear, and brief email to one of your elected officials to consider geoscience in an upcoming vote or position statement they face – and offer to personally clarify the issue. Offer an unbiased editorial to your local newspaper or television station on a geoscience issue that affects us all. Post a Facebook message or send a tweet about a geoscience issue you care about. Suggest a topic for a feature article for your newspaper or local television station.

You definitely don’t need to be a subject-matter expert to be an advocate for geoscience. Anyone having general competence in geoscience, enthusiasm for its relevance to society, and a real interest in sharing its value to the community at large can do this. These are just a few ways to recognize “Geologists’ Day” on September 20. Think about it, and you can probably think of many more.

The simple recognition of “Geologists’ Day” will not change a building code, or enlighten an elected official, or inspire a young student. But a real geologist, who is willing to do something extra just might. This year, make it on “Geologist’s Day” – September 20!